Our favourite work to do by far is a complete renovation. Customers who want to totally remodel, design and decorate a complete room. It's a blank canvass and we like to deliver the total peace of mind of knowing that as the saying goes; "Do it once, do it right, do it well."

As a room or property gets stripped to the bare bones it gives us an incredible opportunity to add some amazing new features including (but not limited to!) moving, adding and replacing old electrics such as plug sockets, hidden cabling for TV's and other technology, new pipework for radiators (getting rid of the totally useless microbore pipes that new builders love to use...), integrating lighting and lighting features, adding or removing partition walls, building new secret compartments (yes really!) and shelving before we finish with an incredible new design and decorating plan. The end result is a room or home that really makes you proud and safe in the knowledge that everything is as green, efficient and problem free for years to come.

As home owners ourselves we know how frustrating it can be to have an in-efficient home with under performing radiators, bad paint and woodwork, poorly fitting or unattractive doors and in general a lack of the wow-factor. We can solve that!

We are currently working on a project to totally renovate an old branch of HSBC bank in Chesham, turning into a training business. We have to remove the bank entirely including a huge vault! We've already checked for money they left over but alas none was found. It also has upstairs offices that we are converting into a modern one bedroomed apartment. We've been talking on the phone a lot about 'the bank job' and realised we may need to call the project something else in case the Police come knocking!

The bank vault!

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