Project Management

One of the things that really sets us apart from other traders is our project management. Neil Greenfield, our MD, has been a project manager for over 20 years and he said the following;

"I love planning. I'm a firm believer that creating a detailed plan removes a huge amount of risk but also massively increases productivity. On larger build work or where a lot is changing at one location, project management can make sure all materials are available at the right time so your tradesmen aren't held up and that the right people are on site at the right time so they don't overlap."

If you've ever watched Grad Designs, you've no doubt seen multiple occasions where the home owners have elected to manage the build themselves, to save money typically, and they usually go over budget, miss work that needs to be done because they just don't know the industry and generally lose a lot of time and efficiency. So while project management isn't required, it 'can' be done yourself, it's a super useful service to provide peace of mind and save money and time.

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