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We have been an approved installer of Codelocks excellent range of durable and flexible mechanical lock solutions for several years now. Popular with offices where security combined with the number of keys needed makes traditional locks impractical. They can also be fitted on glass and aluminium doors where options are limited.

We are also seeing a huge rise in the number of these locks being fitted on residential properties, AirBnB's, Sheds & Storage and even kitchen cupboards to keep out children (see the Nano 90) or in shared house situations, including bedrooms. Naturally the cost of the lock is a little more than a traditional lock but never having to worry about keys and being able to 'send' access codes to people via smart technology is hugely useful in many situations.

Have a scroll through the images to the left to browse their excellent range or check their website out for full information and feel free to contact us for fitted costs.

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