Lockpicking / Gaining Entry

Our MD actually got locked out several months ago and despite the fact he's a fully qualified locksmith himself, he couldn't get in to his home as his van keys were in his house! It happens to the best of us and quite frequently with us attending at least two lockouts each and every day in Milton Keynes alone.

There are two types of locksmith and two types of what we call 'gaining entry'.

Destructive Entry

This is where a locksmith or handyman will cause damage to the lock or property in order to gain access. This isn't clever. A qualified locksmith should rarely have to drill a lock in order to open it. If he/she does, it will cost a great deal more as you now need a new lock and potentially door and window repair.

Non Destructive Entry

Essentially this is lockpicking. Just like in the movies, a variety of tools are available for us to use to open the lock with ZERO DAMAGE. It's also usually very quick with some locks taking just a few seconds to open. And yes, it makes us feel like James Bond.

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