Light Construction

We don't typically get involved in the heavy stuff such as ground work and bricklaying although we still offer full design and project management services to look after larger projects.

We delight in the small but effective touches, TV mounting features, integrated lighting, fireplaces, secret storage compartments, custom bookcases and cupboards, wood panelling, new partitions with inserts (such as fishtanks, glass features and shelves). We can pretty much construct anything from most materials that our imaginations can imagine and because we love design we can hopefully add some features that turn a standard job into something a little more impressive for not a lot of extra work, in some cases, no extra work.

Oh and of course we can take down such creations too. We love a bit of controlled destruction, removing interior walls, doors and doorframes and more. We can even help advise and walk you through planning permission and building regulations, should they be required.

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