Home Safety Check – FREE

Many of the break in's we attend could have been prevented. In Milton Keynes there's on average 2.9 burglary's every night. Most of these could have been avoided with a few simple, often cost effect changes to security.

It always staggers us that at Christmas we won't hesitate to put hundreds of pounds worth of presents under the tree but spending a few hundred on a security upgrade is often viewed as un-affordable, or isn't even considered. If ever you've had a locksmith come to your home when you've been locked out, you've no doubt seen how easy it is to gain access quickly and quietly.

Our FREE home safety check allows us to check your windows, doors, places of potential weakness and create a report with recommendations for improvement. In most cases, these upgrades cost less than a few hundred pounds and that's to make your home IMPOSSIBLE to access, unless an intruder wants to smash their way in, which unless you want bulletproof glass, can rarely be avoided.

So please don't delay, invite us to survey your home and protect what's most important.

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