CCTV & Motion Lighting

Prevention is by far the best solution to strengthen your home from invasion. When an intruder spots good, upgraded locks they think twice and when they see cameras and motion sensor lighting, they think thrice.

There are two kinds of security system.

Hard Wired

These cameras have cables that run back to a recording unit that usually has a monitor attached to it. There are a variety of brands, each with slightly different unique selling points and because they are hard wired they can be placed anywhere in the home, garden and driveway. One of the downsides is they do require installation by a qualified electrician and you'll likely need extra plugs fitted at the site of the base unit. This makes it a little more expensive however it has the huge advantage that it's not using your Wifi and you won't need a monthly subscription to record.


We personally love the RING cameras, both the doorbell and the camera with lighting combo as shown in the image to the left although other brands are available. They can be installed a lot faster with less disruption and do not require an electrician to do so. Most homes will only require two cameras, front door and driveway and rear access making this affordable for most homes. They will need to connect to your Wifi however so cannot be placed too far away from the router unless you also install Wifi boosters.

Both systems will have smart apps, making access on your phone easy and motion alerts will ping your phone. Cameras can also have built in security lighting or lighting can be fitted separately, again with a great variety of options depending on the area to be lit.

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