Bathroom Makeover

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Bathrooms are usually the centre point for repairs in a rented property. Poor ventilation and lots of use usually means the seal around the bath cracks and tiles often begin to gather black mould along grout lines.

A bathroom makeover can make the room look 'almost' new, by replacing all the sealant around the bath, taps and sink and re-grouting the tiles. Add a lick of paint, should you wish (we only use waterproof bathroom paint in bathrooms and kitchens), and your throne is fit for a King, or Queen.

View a classic example from our portfolio here. This was following an eviction, the house was in a terrible state and was causing a great deal of heartache to the landlord. It's a great example of where it looked like the bathroom suite really needed replacing however with a bit of hard work (and I mean a LOT) it ended up looking great for a tiny fraction of the cost of a full bathroom replacement. The landlord was very pleased to say the least!

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