Style doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive

We started this company because we wanted incredible design and stunning homes to be available to everyone

OK, so the fire column and the furniture on this project were expensive but what I enjoyed about this design was that the walls, lighting and shelving were totally cost effective. Using a light grey on the walls provides a much better contrast than double white (walls and woodwork) and also makes any white furniture that's added really pop with bright, minimalistic loveliness.

The shelving is custom made to fit precisely and allow for the lighting to be fitted and accessible via removable shelves. These also made great secret storage pockets where you can hide all your secret agent-like possessions, no? Just me? OK then.

Getting the most for your money

The shelving in the recesses and lighting totalled about £300.00 and the decoration you could easily do yourself for the cost of a tin of paint. The point is, using skilled tradesmen (such as ourselves) to do the complicated bits and then using your own skills to assist the project is a great way to save money. Of course many of our customers prefer us to do everything and that's fine, we appreciate the business and can generally achieve a better finish than most DIY-ers however if you invite us for a design brief, we can easily show how you can reduce your costs should you wish.

I would love to see much more design in our homes, especially as we seem only to be building white boxes (new builds) these days that have zero design features. A design consultancy costs £80.00 and lasts about an hour. We can recommend cool, funky, stylish, futuristic, minimalistic, cottage/homely and lots of other styles to suit your personality and desired look. We also do very rough sketches with you to help you visualise! Even if you chose not to use us for the actual decoration/building work then at least you've hopefully been given a few ideas about how you could impact your home space.


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