Small touches can create huge differences

You don't need to make huge changes to really add a wow factor.

The image above could be anyone's lounge. The room isn't huge and the furniture isn't expensive. While the colour isn't to everyone's taste I want to draw your attention to the shelves and box storage. By adding a little flair and seeking out ultra rare or funky design features you can turn normal shelves into something just that little bit more unique. The great thing about creating design features this way is it takes away from the need for larger building works or mega expensive furniture. While the shelves will cost a little more then the standard Ikea invisible shelves they were still considerably cheaper than fitting hidden lighting recesses, drop partitions or installed wall art.

Don't be afraid to mix and match pieces you love.

The wooden basin on this glass coffee table is a perfect example of how mixing materials, colours and media works really well. Most people often try to unify their soft furnishings and design features around a central second colour; chrome, wood, rose gold for example and certain styles can pull this off. For me, mixed materials provide a much more warm, urban yet cozy feel. The trick is that there must still be one central colour scheme, in this case it's the taupe/grey and then the wooden side tables in black, coffee table in glass and chrome, wooden planters (x2 for more tie in) and chrome lamps really give this room a stylish finish.

So those little odd bits of soft furnishings you have might not need to be thrown out because they don't match your desired colour scheme. Try things out, hunt for bargains at car boots, ebay or Facebook groups and give it a try!

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