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Interior Design Milton Keynes

Interior design in the UK is really perceived as a thing for the wealthy and can often bring to mind images of minimalistic and expensive furniture however interior design as we see it it simply proving ideas to make your home more attractive, to make better use of space, to provide better flow (like feng shui) and to use lighting and colour to provide warmth and comfort. It can be as simple as picking the right colour paints and soft furnishings.

Design always starts with a free look at your home (or a single room) where we will provide ideas and insights based on our years of working in peoples homes and our love of design and creativity. Should you be keen to proceed we will create some sketches where we can easily change colours and layouts to give you several options then if all goes well it's off to decorate and build! You don't have to use us to decorate although we'd like to think if we've captured your vision and you like what we've suggested you'd trust us to execute it perfectly too! Especially as during the decorating and build stage we often come up with new ideas as we see the space taking shape.


Garden Design Milton Keynes

Gardens in the UK tend to be quite under-used from a design perspective. Perhaps it's the fact it's usually raining or that for us normal folk we don't have huge gardens but there is a massive amount that can be done to transform the space, making it a welcoming and practical extension of your home, and if it rains a lot? No problem! Let's build a nice canopied roof area so you can still sit outside even when it's raining, there are few things more relaxing.

Decking, covered seating areas, barbecue and fire pits, low maintenance flowers and shrubs and atmospheric lighting are all top requests.

Cost? For most customers, cost tends to be the leading question. In most cases our creative drawing(s) is/are £200. This may sound like a lot when all you were thinking is a lick of paint but if you think how much time we spend in our homes, how much stress we face in our daily lives and what impact having a wow-factor room could be, we think the price is very reasonable.

And after all, an Englishman's (or woman's) home is his or her castle and we all deserve to live somewhere we love.

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