10 Common Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid

It's not easy knowing where to start, so here's a great article we found (from a legendary Interior design firm in Singapore) to help you along your path to a stunning home! #1 Bad lighting Most people rely on overhead lighting alone and it’s a big design faux pas. Unless you want your home to…
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Small touches can create huge differences

You don't need to make huge changes to really add a wow factor. The image above could be anyone's lounge. The room isn't huge and the furniture isn't expensive. While the colour isn't to everyone's taste I want to draw your attention to the shelves and box storage. By adding a little flair and seeking…
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Style doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive

We started this company because we wanted incredible design and stunning homes to be available to everyone OK, so the fire column and the furniture on this project were expensive but what I enjoyed about this design was that the walls, lighting and shelving were totally cost effective. Using a light grey on the walls…
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