A Few Words About Us

We wanted to create a company that had unique design ideas, effective project management for peace of mind, high standards for build, fitting and decoration and that was both aspirational and cost effective, all under one roof. So we created Aspire.

With property in the UK being built at a rapid rate we quickly became aware of just what the term 'new build' meant. Usually, square, white, clean, sometimes lacking space but always very bland inside, they simply lack character but we couldn't ask for a more perfect canvass to start from, with clean edges and very few colours to contend with. Everyone shifted to using 'feature walls' to try and inject variety but of course it's not quite that easy and there's so much more that can be done. With the use of carpentry, minor building, lighting, decorating techniques, soft furnishings and technology we can add features that actually aren't very expensive but have the impact that we've always wanted our homes to have.

Stunning design is not just for the rich

A More Personal Story

Hi :), I'm Neil Greenfield, forgive the shameless selfie but these days I'm typically covered head to toe in dirt/paint/plaster so a nice photo of me is rare!  I created and run Aspire. I have an interesting past and Aspire is the end result of many years searching my skills and goals to try and find where I want to belong in the world.

I had been a Digital Project Manager for almost 20 years when I decided I had had enough of the office and the dreaded commute into London. I initially started as a locksmith when a customer asked me if I wanted to train for free! Who wouldn't?! I rapidly fell in love and the chance to use my hands was a welcome change. I then moved into property refurbishment as landlords kept asking me if I knew anyone that could get their properties ready for rental again. I use lots of carpentry skills daily and for property maintenance I personally can do almost everything except heavy plumbing/gas and electrical work.

The chance to use one of my main hobbies (drawing) seemed like a logical step as customers responded really well to me making suggestions that might add a little more bang for their buck. So now, I consider myself a multi-trade tradesman but customers are always super pleased to know of my past and the professionalism it has taught me. As I love learning and self development I wonder what other skills and services I can add to our portfolio as we grow!

I'm a Father of 4 growing boys and live locally in Milton Keynes.

What We Offer

Outstanding service

Tradesmen are not typically known for their outstanding customer care and that's where we're hugely different.

Clear Project Management

Agile project management allows for creative changes and helps avoid mistakes and spiralling costs at the same time.

Blood, sweat and Tears

We care about your home, just as if it were our own. It's a cliche but we deliver the same care we'd expect in our homes.

Every project is unique

These are solutions tailored not only to your home but to your personality and taste, because you deserve something special.

Cost effective love

We love our homes but can't always achieve the impact we want. Let us help create the wow factor for you at a sensible price.

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